How to Share Effectively

Get the Word Out!

Sharing your Spots Storefront & unique products is the best way to get the word out not only to your current customers… but to future customers as well! The more people that know about what we are all building, the more adoption of the platform there will be!

1. Share Your Storefront & Products

The goal is to grow your audience, raise their engagement, raise visibility to your social media pages & drive clicks/traffic.

Make frequent posts & share links to your products! Do not make your audience do extra work! Along with anything that you share, always include a link to your storefront, or to specific products. Show your customers how easy & accessible it is to buy from you on Spots.

Let your customers, family, friends & everyone on social media know that you have joined a brand new Local-Only online marketplace to support small business. They will love to know that you make 100% of the sale, paid instantly.

Once more and more people become familiar with what we are all building, they will trust it, and use it for their online shopping. We need EVERYONE to know about Spots.

2. Use Our Instagram Shopping Channel

Tired of posting “click the link in my bio to shop”? So were we! Our main goal is to add as much value for our vendors as we possibly can. So, we decided to set up an Instagram Shop! This new shop will allow users directly on Instagram to purchase products from Spots On The FOX, all with a simple click.

Ready to take your Instagram shopping experience to the next level for your customers? Visit our IG shop, find your product(s), and add them to your story and/or send them directly to your followers. This is a great way to reduce friction, and to allow your customers to buy directly from you in one click on Instagram… so take advantage of it.

3. Offer Low, or Even FREE Shipping

In the age of Amazon Prime, people are getting more and more used to Free Shipping. Free Shipping is always a great option to generate more sales. You don’t want to scare a potential buyer away once they get to the checkout screen.

For example, if you normally offer Flat Rate, consider building a piece (or all) of that cost into your product price to make up for your shipping method. Click here to see how to set up Free Shipping!

Another great option is a Free Shipping Threshold. This would be something like “Spend $50 and get FREE SHIPPING!” Consider the benefits, get creative, and find out what works best for you & your customers.