Setting Up Shipping Methods

Setting Up Shipping Methods

We give you the ability to easily set up various types of shipping methods. From free, to threshold, to flat rate, weight based & more, you have the flexibility you need. Note: You MUST have an active shipping method in order to sell products!

Select Shipping Type—Display your shipping method based on the “Customer’s Address.”

Name—the name of your shipping method.

Status—Select the availability for this shipping method.

Icon—An optional feature to show an icon for the shipping method.

Delivery Time—The delivery time appears next to the name of the shipping method.

Description—An optional space to describe your shipping method.

Availability / User Groups—The type of user that this shipping method can be offered to.

Weight Limit (oz)—An option to make this shipping method only available to a weight limit for all items in the customers cart. To use this feature, you must specific a weight for each item.

Shipping Zones—The countries you ship to.

Use for FREE SHIPPING—An option that gives you the flexibility to select certain items for Free Shipping. We usually recommend checking this option, but it’s up to you.

Customer Must Specify His/Her Address—Collect customer information in order to complete checkout. This is highly recommended!